5x15 Bristol, case study

September this year, we worked with 5x15 Bristol to record and distribute the talks from their amazing event at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol. 5x15 events involve 5 speakers from a variety of areas, each talking for 15 minutes on their chosen subject.

We approached 5x15 to discuss turning the content from their evenings into 5 podcast episodes. The format of their events made it a simple premise to record the talks and turn them into individual episodes. 5x15 have a loyal audience following in Bristol and further afield in London and Italy. We figured there would be lots of people interested in either re-hearing talks from events they'd attended, or catching talks they'd missed. And by giving the content a podcast, it becomes a permanent digital audio archive of the event, which people can engage with whenever and wherever they choose.

The 5x15 Bristol events are held in the Tobacco Factory theatre, which is a wonderful, modern theatre with great audio set up and engineers. We worked with them to take a direct line from the on stage microphone into our recording device, which gave us a wonderful clear recording from each of the presenters.

There was a little bit of editing to do after the event, to remove pops, crackles and irrelevant content. 5x15 already have some audio idents which we used to top and tale the talks, to add their audio branding.

Once we'd made the sound files as clean as they could be we uploaded them to their host platform and added them to the 5x15 podcast feed*. This was the first time the audio of Bristol events had been distributed this way and excitingly the popularity of them seems to be a big hit. At the time of going to press (Oct 2016) the Bristol talks occupy 3 of the top 5 places in the 5x15 podcast feed according to iTunes 'popularity' scale.
* The 5x15 London branch already had a podcast feed, so the Bristol recordings were added to this.

Other outputs

There were a few great lines from the speakers, which we could pull out and turn into tidy little tweetable sound bites. We made these into cool little vidoes with a still of the speaker, the 5x15 branding and then the 10 or so second audio sample. These looked great in a twitter timeline, and gave 5x15 an engaging way to push people towards their content.

We also did a bit of vox-popping at the event, getting some nice feedback and sense of excitement from the audience at the event.

We had a great time working with 5x15 Bristol, they were very receptive to the idea of podcasting thier content and from the listening figures it seems like it has been a great success. We look forward to working with them again at future events.

Recordings from 5x15 Bristol, September 2016